Welcome Emissaries of Edhellond!

The Current Adventure

You have arrived in Rybalka as representatives of the Silent Forest, but you’re in disguise to keep the ignorant human commoners from freaking out. You’ve been assigned an escort from your homeland to Rybalka. Once in Rybalka you’re to report to Mayor Igor Leonid.

Your reason for meeting here as opposed to the Klavek Kingdom capital of Mohkba is to keep tensions low between your countries. A small delegations of Klavekian officials from Mohkba is scheduled to meet with you a few days after your arrival.

The mayor of Rybalka has assigned you some protection (you’re still to remain disguised) and you will be staying in the Rybalka Lodge, the nicest establishment Rybalka has to offer. Of course, you’re welcome to explore the town and interact with people, but your country has asked that you proceed with caution and trust no one.

You have a hidden agenda (of course). An elvish artifact has been tracked down by some of your more prominent scryers.

They cannot pinpoint the location of this artifact, but they have approximated its location within a 100 mile radius of Rybalka and even more likely, within a 50 mile radius of the village.

Your real mission is to track down this artifact. Corillion (paladin of Naneth) is the leader of your group and has been granted a magic item attuned to the vibrations of the artifact which you seek. The closer you get the more to the artifact the more the magic item vibrates. Once you are within a mile radius the magic item will supposedly light up and guide you to the final location of the sought after artifact.

Rybalka (current location)

Loyalty: Klavek Kingdom
Export: Iron, Fish, Wood
Import: Tools, Clothing, Specialty Goods
Assets: Unknown
Authority figure: Mayor Igor Leonid
Authority: Rybalka Village Guard
Important Characters: ?, ?, ?, Fin Starling, ?, ?, Wvolf

History of Rybalka

A fishing village adjacent to a healthy iron mine, Rybalka had a different name just a few decades ago and was controlled by the Vikmordere. In the past, Vikmordere raiders used the strategic location of the fishing village as a launching point for attacks against the Klavek Kingdom. An abundant iron mine nearby provided all the ore the Vikmordere raiders needed for their tools, weapons, and armor.

The Klavekian Monarchy moved troops into the Vikmordere Valley and launched an arduous assault against the Vikmordere in hopes of securing this strategic location and obtaining the lucrative iron mine. After many failed attempts and the deaths of hundreds of Klavekian ground troops, the Klavek Kingdom was finally able to oust the Vikmordere raiders from Rybalka. In order to hold the location, additional troops were brought in to clear the mountainside forests of the rest of the Vikmordere warriors. This resulted in horrible casualties for the Klavekians, losing 10 soldiers for every 1 Vikmordere raider found and killed. Many of the Vikmordere avoided persecution by hiding in abandoned ruins and mountain caves where it is thought they still exist to this day.

The Klavek Kingdom placed a permanent contingent of guardsmen at Rybalka to protect the populace and the vital iron mine.

Without access to the ore in the mine, the Vikmordere’s military strength and foothold on the region has been greatly reduced.

Many Rybalkan Vikmordere villagers who were not affiliated with the raiders were allowed to stay and live freely in the village if they continued to provide services to the Klavek Kingdom settlers. These services include blacksmithing, fishing, mining, and ship construction as well as various menial tasks requested from time to time. Racism in Rybalka is still quite prevalent, especially amongst the Klavekian settlers, and a few interracial families that were harassed and persecuted by the Klavekians moved into the dangerous and unforgiving wilderness just to escape the ignorance and hatred of the average Klavekian settler.

Rybalka Lodge (current residence)

Rooms 5, 6, and 7.

Edhellond (The Silent Forest) – Your Homeland

Covering almost two and a half million square miles, Edhellond is the home of the Elves.

The northern section of Edhellond is made up primarily of pine and fir trees, while the rest of the forest is a mixture of conifers and deciduous trees, such as mighty oaks and beech trees. The tree growth at the southern border of Edhellond with the Scorchlands is limited due to the lack of usable nutrients in the soil. The eastern border of the Silent Forest is relatively clear of tree growth, as these areas have been cultivated for crops.

Isolationist, militant, xenophobic, and suspicious, almost nothing is known about the Elves of Edhellond, known to non-Elves as the Silent Forest. Non-Elves are unwelcome and those that refuse to leave are found, eventually, outside the Forest, their bodies savaged and left as a warning to others.

Non-Elves do not know why the denizens of the Silent Forest have separated themselves from the rest of the world and those few Elves who are caught outside the forest will not answers questions about their history or their homeland even under threat of death. Only the most dire of circumstances will make an Elf divulge information.

Leaves of Naneth

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