Fin Starling


Fin owns the Thirsty Serpent Tavern and has done so ever since his father passed away.

A semi-retired adventurer in his late twenties, Fin spent much of his youth traveling the world and getting in (and out of) tight spots.

Fin is a real ladies man and enjoys flirting and teasing women.

Fin Starling is the proud owner of the “Adventurer’s Journal” which is chock full of rumors and local adventuring opportunities. He is willing to part with one of the rumors in trade for a handful of gold or a local errand.

RUMORS: Fin’s father Lance was buried by Vikmordere barbarians somewhere in the rocky hills at the base of the mountains. He is said to have been buried with the wealth of knowledge that he accrued during his long (for human standards) life.

Fin Starling

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