Leaves of Naneth

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Journal Entry #1: Unnamed

Travelogue day 40: The team disembarked our ship at the shores of Rybalka village, three days before our diplomatic mission with mayor Ivar Leonid. The item we seek is anywhere between 50 – 100 miles from the village. At the request of our superiors we have donned disguises and I will now go by the name of Corwyn Gurganus.

We are given room at an inn with a company of guards led by a human named Wvolf, head of the town’s militia and a ranger.

Having little time we developed a plan. Despite my protests Alatariel (Ariel) will accompany Wvolf on a hunt. Admittedly, her beauty may make other men more open to speaking more freely than I. While they are gone the rest of the party will go to the Thirsty Serpent Tavern, apparently the only place of interest in this whole village. Did I mention this whole village smells of feces?

We learned the following things at the Thirsty Serpent Tavern. The barkeep is named Finn, he seems like a decent human. He says that he knows many secrets in the area. He tells us to meet him when his establishment closes, shortly before sunrise. We have agreed to help him find his father’s grave. There we may find a clue that will help us reclaim our property.

I now close the entry for Travelogue day 40. May the blessings of our Leaf Mother guide us to the object we seek quickly so we can leave the company of humans.

Travelogue Day 41: Alatariel has completely blown our cover. She has revealed our nature and our mission to Wvolf… The moment we leave the woods she falls in love with the first piece of riff-raff we come across. Her actions are documented in my journal so proper disciplinary action can be administered. In the case of my death I pray that my journal returns to The Silent Forest so all will know that our mission has been compromised.

Alatariel has told the group the information she has recovered from Wvolf in their ‘exchange’. The information is valuable. To top it off, our magic amulet started to give its signal. Naneth surely watches over us. We may find this object soon.

We leave Rybalka, early in the morning, and on the first day we come across a group of Kobolds. The mangy dog-creatures and their wizard-bitch leader stood no chance against the might of our formidable combat prowess. Naneth guided my arrows true and I felled four.


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